About SA Tow Truck


Why people in Saskatoon can trust our service for all of their towing needs? Why we have served over 100,000 customers all over the city in the past 6 years? The answer is inside our reputation and with steady crew of skilled drivers we are your number 1 towing solution in the area.

Our Short Story

Our story began with 2 young Canadians who were working in the roadside assistance trade, and after 8 years of experience and knowledge they opened their own business as a part of an old dream. They believe that using the most advanced equipment as well as focusing on the customers needs is a very essential key for a long term relationship with the local community. Today we have many drivers throughout the city who are hired by us or work for us 24 hour.

Our Service

If your car in the past broke down in Saskatoon there is a good chance that you have used our service. Before you called us you probably heard many shady stories about local towing companies in Saskatoon, however the big different between us and other is that our service is well known of being the fastest and the most professional, We also cover other areas outside the Saskatoon metro, and we offer wide selection of services.

Our Mission

What is our mission to the nearby future, and how we can help the local area of Saskatoon? That’s one of our first question that we had when we set up the business and during the years we have learned that being reliable and decent is the key to our success story. We want you to join our “tow truck family” and for any towing needs yu are always welcome to call us 24 hour.