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One of the most primary necessities for a car owner  is a reliable and decent towing company that can serve his vehicle 24 hour a day in Saskatoon SK, and we at SA Tow Truck can promise you that the best tow service is on his way in case of collision. We do our best to ensure high quality of service and we have done many upgrades regarding our trucks and our rescue equipment. We know that many people love our service and in addition to regular towing service we can also offer you wide range of roadside assistance form tire repair to fuel delivery in every corner in Saskatoon SK.

When it comes to any car recovery need in the area, there is nothing that our drivers won’t offer you! From a local rescue service to a long distance towing service as well as giving you peace of mind regarding any type of towing needs in Saskatoon SK. We buy the best equipment in the industry for our new tow trucks, and although we are not a “storefront location” you can be sure that our service is the fastest in the area! At SA Tow Truck we always warn our clients from unreliable towing companies who will try to rip you off by overcharging you when they see that you are in panic, and we want to keep you as your loyal customer.

How Our Drivers Can Help You?

We offer full selection of services and in the list below you can see any type of service which you might need.
  • Auto lockout service
  • Snow rescue.
  • Long distance towing.
  • Battery boosting.
  • Tow dolly.
  • Emergency service 24 hour service.
  • Gas delivery.
  • Flat tire service.
  • Ignition key replacement.

Our drivers have love and passion to the trade and sometimes they think they are “married” to their tow trucks instead to their wives, but when it comes to a great service, they are the best who can complete the mission in our lovely city of Saskatoon! We never forget that satisfaction and high level of customer service is one of our main concern, and our dispatchers will keep you calm knowing that one of our “life savior” is on his way to help you out.

Call Us Now 24 Hour!

So if you are involved in a car collision, or need any towing or roadside assistance service in the Saskatoon area, we at SA Tow Truck can assist you right away and we are ready to anything. Call us now and we will be at any location in the area!